It’s not about tricks and formulas.

There’s a school of marketing that tries to work out which shortcuts and gimmicks are best at tricking people into buying your product. I’ve always hated that approach. It’s like an old-fashioned, oily sales rep with his patter and misdirection. Smart brands don’t go there.

What gets me excited (and I hope gets you excited) is the quest to uncover a truth about the product or category. What would make people go “Wow!”, and what’s the best way of eliciting that wow? Wit, style and humour can all be appropriate, but first we need to zero in on the people we want to talk to, and understand what would interest them.

This is the magical thread that connects copy-writing and content marketing. They may use different channels but they both depend on evoking a human response. 

What would make a difference to your business? You could be creating an ad campaign in paid media, or building your authority online via social and other digital channels. Regardless of your strategy, your marketing will need great words. And that’s where I come in.

Philip Tetley-Jones